100% sweet almond oil

it is what it is, pure and simple. whether or not you’re looking for massage oil, bath oil, or moisturizer, this product will suit your needs. clear golden in color, this lightweight oil absorbs easily into the skin. brought to you straight from california.

a peppermint patty foot and leg lotion

awaken your senses and tingle your feet, for you are about to experience a peppermint treat! let nature rejuvenate you with eucalyptus and tea tree essential oils. this lotion has a natural deodorizing quality and will awaken your tired muscles, bringing them back to life.

day at the spa exfoliating body scrub

say goodbye to yesterday’s skin–exfoliate today and experience the radiant glow of a day at the spa. no appointment necessary, for you can pamper yourself at home with this exotic blend of ground walnut shells, cocoa butter, avocado oil, vitamin E, and sage. leaves skin feeling unbelievably smooth.

dinner for 2 massage lotion

this luxurious lotion is ideal for giving a massage or better yet–receiving one. light the candles and turn the music down low and get prepared for where you are about to go. it is rich in lanolin and will leave your entire body feeling like heaven.

essential 1 facial toner

our customers tell us that they can’t live without it. “what did we do before we used toner?” experience for yourself our #1 selling, alcohol free spritz. we’ve combined clarifying lavender oil, soothing green tea, and astringent rosewater to remove dirt and oils. spray directly onto face after cleansing to restore your skin's PH. radiant and refreshed-- a definite beauty "essential"

honey almond scrub facial mask

a special blend of honey and natural meals gently scrubs away those dry surface cells. ideal for normal to dry skin to smooth, tone and refresh.

mint scrub facial mask

a special blend of mint, honey and natural meals gently scrubs away those dry surface cells. ideal for normal to oily skin to smooth, tone and refresh.

runway revitalizer

"take off” by awakening your senses with our refreshing spritz. alcohol-free and rich in vitamin E, our formula works best when used as a pick-me-up throughout a busy day. refresh and nourish your skin and your spirit is sure to follow. results are immediate

The Powder Room liquid powder moisturizer

when evening has come and day is done, pamper yourself after a hot bath with pure decadence. this lotion, at first as smooth as liquid, when applied will transform into a sensual powder. this is the place where ladies go, to swap secrets and to powder their noses.