cleopatras secret conditioner

cleopatra knew the secret. discover for yourself the intense moisture of shea butter. our gentle formula also includes vitamin B-5 and the soothing properties of aloe vera. experience the luxury of this natural conditioner. may be used daily for all hair types, including chemically treated.

double trouble shampoo and conditioner

when your hair is in trouble, this shampoo complete with conditioner, will take care of both of your needs. double trouble to the rescue!

kelp of the sea daily conditioner

relish in the ocean’s treasure and let the sea work its wonders on you. this pearly iridescent formula will restore luster to your hair. if you are looking to condition your hair, our formula will nourish your roots with vitamins A, D, & E. for maximum benefits use with our kelp of the sea shampoo.

kelp of the sea gentle shampoo

it is iridescent, like pearls found on the ocean floor. if your looking to strengthen your hair, why not let the sea help you? this vitamin B formula is ideal for normal hair and gentle enough for daily use. best results when used with our kelp of the sea conditioner

Rx moisture rich conditioner

our best remedy for hair that is over processed, color-treated, or especially dry. indulge your hair in our rich conditioning formula that softens without buildup. we've combined glycerin, keratin, and vitamin B to restore moisture to lackluster locks. massage through hair and rinse out after 1-2 minutes. hair shows signs of health immediately. (for best results, try our complete "prescription"— Rx shampoo and conditioner.)

Rx moisturizing shampoo

our shampoo is just what the doctor ordered for hair that's chemically treated, dry, over-processed, and in need of care. keratin, nettle, and doses of vitamin B, are all combined to nourish and improve your hair's sheen and texture. the best prescription we’ve found for hair in need. maximum results when followed by Rx conditioner.