100% sweet almond oil

it is what it is, pure and simple. whether or not you’re looking for massage oil, bath oil, or moisturizer, this product will suit your needs. clear golden in color, this lightweight oil absorbs easily into the skin. brought to you straight from california.

dinner for 2 massage lotion

this luxurious lotion is ideal for giving a massage or better yet—receiving one. light the candles and turn the music down low and get prepared for where you are about to go. it is rich in lanolin and will leave your entire body feeling like heaven.

later – alligator moisturizer

say goodbye to dry! our emollient formula, rich in minerals, is ideal for the entire body. use this product daily in order to slow the aging process. dry scaly skin will soon be replaced...later – alligator!

runway revitalizer

"take off” by awakening your senses with our refreshing spritz. alcohol-free and rich in vitamin E, our formula works best when used as a pick-me-up throughout a busy day. refresh and nourish your skin and your spirit is sure to follow. results are immediate.

T.L.C. moisturizer

when specific parts of your body are craving special attention, why not give them some tender loving care? chapped hands, rough elbows, and callused feet will thank you for this treat. our formula contains protein-rich conditioning milk and glycerin that are sure to leave dry areas feeling softer. let the plant extracts of chamomile, comfrey, and calendula, known throughout history to have soothing effects, take good care of you.

tinkerbell moisturizer

on a starless night, you can count on this soothing moisturizer to bring magic into your life. you will not only shimmer, but your skin will be nourished with vitamins A, D, & E. tinkerbell invites you to join in the fun!