all over shower body wash

this product is perfect for your entire body. ideal for people who like to shower. statistics show that this product is popular among people who frequent the gym or who are always on the go. best results when used with a loofah or sponge.

day at the spa exfoliating body scrub

say goodbye to yesterday’s skin-- exfoliate today and experience the radiant glow of a day at the spa. no appointment necessary, for you can pamper yourself at home with this exotic blend of ground walnut shells, cocoa butter, avocado oil, vitamin E, and sage. leaves skin feeling unbelievably smooth.

lady luxury foaming shower gel

lather the hour away with this luxurious foaming shower gel. indulge yourself lovely lady, and pamper your body from head to toe. this rich gel, infused with goldenseal, aloe vera, and hibiscus works wonders in the bath as well.

laizie daizie bubble bath

laze the days away in a bath just for you. a splash - a dash - color in your bath, bubble up for fun, it’s time to relax.

tinkerbell body wash

on a starless night, you can count on this body wash to bring magic into your life. a delightful treat, a twinkle from head to feet! when followed by our tinkerbell lotion, you’re guaranteed to shimmer all night long